Well… this is it! I am a homosexual.

IMG_3521I cannot stay silent. I, as many others, hid who I really was. I was always taught that my attraction for men was wrong, that it was unnatural and that it could be changed. As a Christian, I attempted everything I could to try and change myself. It did not take. But some things changed in my life and I realized that being gay is not a decision I made, therefore I would not live hiding something in my life just for others to be happy. Freedom happened. Read the whole spill, or most of it at least, here.

I know that there are many going through what I went through. I know of the nights of sorrow, the fight in your souls for something that you didn’t choose and are unable to change.

Sadly, many decide a swift exit, believing that taking their own lives will make things better. There are other options. Life is meant to be lived! Find someone, talk about what you are going through! Talk to me, send me an email. I want to hear your story!

This is just the beginning!

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