What do you do to release stress? I do dishes.

What do you do to release stress? I do dishes.

I like to do my dishes. I don’t mean stacking them in my dishwasher and waiting for two hours of incessant humming and voila! No, I like spending some time doing my dishes, and especially when I need to release stress. Mark is amused with how much I enjoy it. He doesn’t understand why I choose to do something that a “robot” has been created to do. Believe me, I am by no means someone that chooses to do things without the use of technology. I love technology and how so many things are made so much easier because of it. Dishes. It’s just my outlet, I find doing them therapeutic. And I find it funny that so many people are shocked by my confession.

Let me tell you what’s my fabulous mundane process. It is very simple actually, but it starts some time before the tower of dishes tumbles out of control over my kitchen sink. My father taught me that whenever I’m done with a plate I should at least remove the excess food I left(not a lot in most of my plates) and if I am not gonna wash it right away to at least rinse it. Then, when I am ready to go full-on kitchen maid, my job is easier and I can emerge as the triumphant king of my kitchen. My Dad obviously didn’t make it so dramatic but I like to add some flair. Mark told me today that I’m “110% flair”. I’m still trying to determine if thats a compliment or an insult. Maybe its a little bit of both. Ok, back to the dishes.

Get some good music going. Today I chose a Spotify radio station based on Marked by EMA and it just helped set the right mood. Sometimes I just choose some great Spanish music by some Puerto Rican singers and well, the atmosphere is completely different. That’s when I do my dishes to party. In Puerto Rico we never had a dishwasher, maybe that’s where it all started. Some incense also helps in setting the mood, which reminds me that Dad also liked to have incense burning at our home, during the college years I lived with him. I like to get some good detergent, the hot water running and just chill, get my mind off things. Or after a full day of doing what I exhaustingly love doing, talking about Pop Culture news, I take some time to refocus on life, the present and the future. Doing the dishes for me goes beyond dishes, I end up trying to make my kitchen shine. Which reminds me, I am writing about doing the dishes when my kitchen is half-way through. Mark is out with his mom and bringing back Indian food, I need to get this place in order.

What do you do to relax? What’s your outlet to release stress?

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