Staying positive while dealing with life’s unpredictability

Staying positive: Remember, things could always be worse
Hiking Mount Tongariro in New Zealand. A grueling experience that today I’m thankful for.

At times some have mentioned my positive attitude and optimistic disposition. They say they like how even in the worst scenarios I always come up with a “oh well, maybe this will somehow help us in the future.” I couldn’t say how it started, the whole “staying positive” thing. I do know some other things in my life that have helped me foster this attitude through the years.

My life growing up was pretty normal, my mom and dad showed me love and that I’m thankful for. Through my growing up I was made known, not necessarily verbally, that I had worth, that I had what it took to go all the way and win. Life, as I knew it, became turbulent and messy when my parents divorced and while they kept loving me there were new obstacles. New distractions, new people, good and bad, started coming by and it became my choice to learn. What could I learn from these people? What could I take from my dad’s new girlfriends, and my mom’s new boyfriends. What new families will I come in contact with and how would that change who I was becoming as I approached my teen years.

Maybe there was a part of me that would’ve still preferred a life where my parents were still together, but there was a larger part of me that was happy of this outcome. My parents relationship had become toxic, so I welcomed change. Divorce can be a hard blow to a child’s life and I’m glad that it didn’t hurt me as much as it has done to others. But without knowing it my reaction to my parents’ divorce would define many other moments in my life when I decided to see life differently, in a more positive way.

“I don’t necessarily love life’s unpredictability but it’s one of its defining characteristics, so staying positive is a must.”

Many times we are dealt cards we don’t want. Life can be amazing one day and the next a total disaster. I don’t necessarily love life’s unpredictability but it’s one of its defining characteristics. There are times of joy quickly followed by times of sorrow and I believe it’s healthy to experience both. Life can really suck at times. The pain of loss, for example, is the worst thing I’ve experienced but after experiencing its heartbreak a decision needs to be made. Losing my Dad last year broke my heart, it really shook me to my core and just thinking about him and how much I miss him brings tears to my eyes, but I would be a fool to let my loss destroy me or paralyze me. Instead I’m forced to use that pain as a reminder of having someone who loved me and believed in me. It’s still a process, there are times I can’t move or do anything because there’s still anger in having lost him, but I have to move on. While he was still alive we would talk about death and its inevitability, we know there would come a time when one of us wouldn’t be there. We worked hard for every waking moment we had to make sure the other knew the abundance of our love and the strength of our relationship. I believe that’s one of the things that keeps me going on and gives me strength while dealing with him not being around.

“There’s no need to deny life’s difficult moments but don’t stay there, keep moving forward by staying positive.”

When life is a mess, remember it could be worse. There’s no need to deny life’s difficult moments but don’t stay there, keep moving forward. There’s beauty ahead if you allow yourself to look past what’s currently hurting you.


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