Meeting Mark: Facebook, first date and a delayed birthday gift


Next month, Mark and I will be celebrating our second anniversary and I figured it’s a good time to write down how we met and the way he asked me out on our first date.

I had started working at The Dallas Morning News in Downtown Dallas In November of 2011 and had decided to move closer to work. Everything was set for me to move the first week in January but I had not seen my loft yet.

On December 30th, 2011, the day of my 30th birthday, I planned to take the train downtown with a friend to celebrate my day. Our plans were to go to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art, get cupcakes and stop by the building I was moving to soon. I’d been to the building before for a friend’s party which helped me decide to move there and I was super excited to see the place a bit closer after doing all the moving applications online.

When I got to the building’s office I met the manager who was chatting with this handsome dude wearing a Polo shirt. We were introduced, his name was Mark and he also lived in the building. “He’s kinda cute,” I told my friend, and then we left to see the lofts and get a tour of the building.

After moving into the building I would see Mark every now and then. We never talked much, just a hi or a polite head nod in most cases. We saw each other at several building meetings. It was at one of these meetings that while talking to Mark and a friend we all decided to add each other on Facebook. I went home after the meeting and I’m pretty sure I was all up on his Facebook by the time the elevator door closed. Who was this guy, what was his favorite music, what does he do? Yes, I creeped on his Facebook mightily. Clicked through all his profile photos and liked even more of what I was seeing, even if I had no idea what most of his music was. Some obscure stuff there.

578947_290157164427693_1863831768_nAfter that, I remember seeing some funny photos Mark posted from the State Fair around the time that I had also gone to the fair. My interest kept growing. I can be shy when it comes to talking to people I really don’t know but I wanted to somehow start talking to Mark. I just needed the right moment.

On October 25, a Thursday afternoon while I was on Facebook at work, the feed showed me some music Mark was listening to. A singer I had never heard before, Hindi Zahra. I decided to give it a listen and it reminded me of some other music I like. Or at least that’s what my brain told me would be a great reason to start chatting with Mark.

So there I went, I told him that his music sounded cool. We talked for a while on Facebook chat and that same day he asked me out. YESSS!!! I freaked out! I am sure I was jumping around at my desk. This guy who I had been checking out for a while but was too shy to just approach and do something about it, had just asked me out on a date. I’m sure I had a huge smile for the rest of that day.

First date selfie!!!
First date selfie!!!

We planned to have dinner on Sunday night and I was giddy for ALL of those days. We started texting and keeping in touch with each other until the time of the date came. We met by the elevators and headed out for some Thai food which to this day Mark says I didn’t like, but I did. I remember that on the drive there it was the first time I had heard Mark’s boisterous laugh and it made my heart jump. I loved his laugh and still do.

We had dinner and when we walked out of the restaurant I realized Mark was a couple inches taller than me, especially since he wears cowboy boots 90% of the time. “Huh, I thought I was taller than you,” I told him. He said nope, and started crouching a little asking me if that was better. Joker.

When we got back to our building he invited me over for an espresso and it was then when I met the other love of my life, his cat Spork. We had coffee, talked and I saw glimpses of what my life could be if this worked. I loved it.

When I was leaving, we were gonna say goodbye with a hug and he crouched so I could feel like the tall one. I was hooked.

It took me 10 months to open my birthday gift. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Since it took four days between him asking me out to our date we celebrate four-day anniversaries and monthaversaries. Win win win.  I love him.

Isnt he the cutest?!
Isnt he the cutest?!
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