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      今天是2022年8月6日 星期六,歡迎光臨本站 



        南京天光電氣科技有限公司是專業從事研發及生產力敏傳感器、壓力變送器、智能儀表、電子稱重系統及稱重物聯網產品的高科技企業。產品廣泛應用于冶金、化工、軍工、交通、能源、機械制造、建材等行業的自動化控制領域。在中國制造2025背景下,測控產業不斷走向數字化、無線化、動態化、信息化,天光公司順勢而為,其產品覆蓋從底層的感知層(傳感器+儀表),到中間的網絡層(通訊模塊),再到上層的應用層(服務器+手機/電腦客戶端),天光物聯網旨在為客戶提供一整套完整解決方案。 公司正沿著“國際化、科技化、多元化、集團化、服務化”的發展戰略,依托天光總公司20多年的傳感器生產經驗和規?;纳a基地,為建設國際物聯網公司而努力邁進。

      Development History

        Nanjing Tianguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in research and development and production of various force-sensitive sensors, pressure transmitters, smart meters, electronic weighing systems and weighing the networking products of high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, military, transportation, energy, machinery manufacturing, building materials and other industries more automated control. In the industrial revolution and the Chinese version of the 2025 manufacturing 2025 background, the Measurement and control industry continues to digital, wireless, dynamic, information technology, homeopathic company, its products cover the bottom from the bottom of the sensing layer (sensor + instrument) To the middle of the network layer (communication module), and then to the upper application layer (server + mobile / computer client), Tianguang things designed to provide customers with a complete set of solutions. The company is along the "internationalization, science and technology, diversification, the Group of services" of the development strategy, relying on Tianguang Corporation for more than 20 years of experience in production and large-scale production base for the construction of world-class networking companies Efforts forward.


        以人為本,誠信務實,創新進取,回報社會,在奉獻中實現企業和員工的價值。People oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, repay the society, and realize the value of the enterprise and employees in dedication.