I Love Jesus… and I Like Men


You wouldn’t believe how many of my conversations started like that when I started coming out to my close friends. I always felt that I need to reinforce the fact that I am still a Christian when telling them that I am gay. This comes mostly from the fact that most people think that those two go together like water and oil. I personally was one of those. A few years back, the thought of being openly gay, in my head, meant that I had to forsake God and everything I believed. I am very glad that, personally, I came to a place of peace with who I am. It surely is a tough pill to swallow for most people, they start throwing around Bible verses, confronting, judging and well, I just had to get past the point of caring so much about everyone’s opinion. I had to come to the point of looking at my life and saying, do I want to live every day of my life hiding who I am? Well, I didn’t want to live like that. I didn’t want to live as a straight man if that goes against everything I feel and have the need for.

One of my turning points, which I acknowledge often, is that I didn’t deliberately choose to be attracted to men. This point is one that many people that condemn homosexuals don’t understand. Yes, they believe it is wrong, but I hardly ever see one of them wanting to sympathize, talk and understand what goes in inside. I am thankful that most of my close friends, who are devoted Christians, responded well when I told them: I love Jesus and I like men. My best friend was sincerely happy with the news, he was able to see how coming into terms with this had made me very happy. Not only that but he wanted to know more, he wanted to understand what I was going through, he wanted, as always, to be fully invested in the life of his best friend. For that, I am immensely grateful.

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