How Marina & the Diamonds helped me through grief; plus a music Top 10


The last 6 months or so have been filled with change. The main one, which I mentioned in my previous post being the death of my Dad, followed by having started a relationship. I decided to take a look at what music I’ve been listening to the most for the last 6 months, thanks to Spotify and my account for keeping track of it. Looking at the artists on the lists I can quickly figure out what song I was listening to the most and what most of them meant during the time I was listening to it practically non-stop.

For example, the first artist on my list is Marina & The Diamonds and I can clearly remember how much I listened to the song ‘Fear and Loathing’ around my dad’s last days and after his passing. I got the chance to see Marina on her Dallas stop with my boy Mark and my friend Natalia. It was special to hear it live, it brought up a lot of memories, and tears. I can remember during my dad’s last week when I traveled to Puerto Rico, every morning I would drive down to the beach and listen to this song. Some of my favorite lyrics are: “And now the time is here, baby you don’t have to live your life in fear. And the sky is clear, is clear of fear.”
So,  here’s my top 10 and a quick bit about each artist…
  1. Marina & the Diamonds – Her new album Electra Heart came out last year and I am really not suprised it’s my number one.
  2. Lana Del Rey – I have listened to a lot of Lana del Rey since 2011, her Paradise ep has some amazing songs, like ‘Yayo’ and ‘God & Monsters’.
  3. Perfume Genius – I first listened to PG from Mark and quickly fell in love with ‘Hood’, you need to listen to it and watch the video(below).
  4. The xx – This is a case of being on a playlist and getting picked constantly. Most of these artists are on my Spotify playlist ‘Just Cause’ and The xx came up pretty often. Solid music.
  5. Scissor Sisters – ‘Let’s have a kiki’ and ‘Shady Love’ were in constant rotation for most of the year, another non-surprise.
  6. Empire of the Sun – This can be simply described as ‘Swordsfish Hotkiss Night’.
  7. Lady Gaga – It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gaga is on the list, however it’s surprising she is not higher. It simply means we need new music, hurry up, ARTPOP.
  8. Emeli Sandé – For about two weeks this year I listened to ‘My Kind Of Love’, and ‘Daddy’ non-stop. This is proof.
  9. Phillip Phillips – I couldn’t stop listening to Phillip’s covers of ‘Disease’, ‘I want you bad’, etc. His album is pretty solid.
  10. Florence + the Machine – ‘No light, No light’ is the first song that comes to mind. Me and Natalia listened to Florence, a lot.

Marina & The Diamonds – Fear and Loathing

Do you have any songs that have helped you through hard times? What are the artists that you have listened to the most for the last six months?

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