2012: The year when death and love knocked on my door


Many huge things happened last year.

I witnessed the rapid decay of my Dad’s health. He passed away two days after I left his side in Puerto Rico. I miss him very much. There’s is a space in my heart that is now filled with just memories. The memories I have to now rely on when I’m missing him too much. Thankfully, our life together filled me with so many happy moments that its not difficult to find a memory that brings a smile to my face. It still hurts when I want to pick up the phone and give him a call.

My older brother suddenly passed away. This happened a couple of months before my Dad’s death. On that night my Dad told me that this was directly connected to his own death and that I shouldn’t be surprised if it happened soon. They shared a birthday, a name, their love for motorcycles and sadly their year of death.

I was surprised by a great guy. I met Mark for the first time on my 30th birthday and ten months after that after a short Facebook chat he asked me out. From the get-go I have felt so comfortable with him, it’s a little crazy. It’s been a few months now and things are going great. I will write more about how we met soon.

The year was filled with many emotions I haven’t experienced before. Never before has death felt so close, so gut-wrenching. It makes you realize how important people really are.

It’s my plan to make this my space. The place where I vent, and chat, and talk about topics that make my brain run amok. Where I share my story, as it happened and as it happens.

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